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Saturday, April 30, 2016

Sustainability: human species to be won or lost by interactions of 3 generations

Youth -the half of the world aged under 30 - are the last of these 3 generations . What they action network will determine everything. 
Is there a meta-network of education partnerships that can empower youth to apply naturally fit solutions?

Search out what collaboration with BRAC serves to lead around 17 sustainability goals. BRAC was born 45 years to design grassroots networking structures for the world's poorest village mothers to develop a large nation (Bangladesh) whose rural areas inherited next to nothing (no electricty grids, no running water, no telecoms, transportation limited to rickshaws and muddy pathways). Could it just be their daughters and sons are at the forefront of  applications (eg ) that worldwide beings now need to openly celebrate as sustainability's last call mobilises all of humanity?

GOAL 1 End Poverty
Replicating low cost action learning solutions, growing community’s self-sufficiency
Bottom-up and open systems most efficient and effective model – Preferential Option Poor. This values professionals who live and learn with the poorest, also diagnosing broken systems bringing in other relevant professionals to help end these; preferentially applying advances in technology to ending poverty; promoting faith/hope in the community that inter-generational progress is being made.

BRAC has applied networking models currently geared to being 90% self-sustainable. Founder Sir Fazle Abed says needing to find 10% new funds each year corresponds to wanting to continue to be youth’s most innovative agent in their world of human development.

Over its first 45 years, BRAC has led  practice cases of all of these investment models of being self-sustainable

-charity with positive cash flow
-business with a higher purpose
-redesigning a value chain to lead it, empower smallest/poorest to earn a good livelihood, make an overall profit from such market leadership invested back into BRAC's purpose of ending poverty
-becoming a governments outsourced social solution
-designing digital apps to go beyond missing infrastructure or beyond zero-sum trade (eg networking actionable learning can multiply value in use unlike the zero-sum scarcity models of consuming up things)
-open learning both as comprising a network of over 100000 bottom-up educators and publishing failures along the way of designing microfranchises that were tested to be effective and efficient before being expanded across the whole of the rural nation. From 2002 BRAC has selectively expanded its international  presence – typically choosing one primary funder per nation and clarifying what first system intervention the funder wants and how this matches both BRAC’s solution book and cultural permission to network in the country concerned  Teenage girls livelihood clubs are emerging as BRAC's most valuable contribution to developing global youth.  

If markets of education and human development were truly free in Adam Smith's moral and emotional senses, then BRAC would be valued as world’s number 1 brand partner in leading and uniting the human race.

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