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Saturday, April 23, 2016

yuxuan i think you know i am mad about brac -its brand should be better known than coca-cola if sustainable youth are ever to be valued, an xprize on literacy without any brac team members seem to me to be absurd ...

 - in fact i would be very depressed about future of girls if it wasnt for brac- while brac is known iin bangladesh historically for empowering the world's poorest village mothers to develop the country - it now feels as responsible for the mothers second generation  --girls

sir fazle abed once told me he was slightly disappointed with the bilion dollars of funding from ukaid he received for education because he was forced to spend it only on primary schools

thats one reason why he made his most popular international service -and funding partnerships - focus on teenage girls jobs clubs - so he could also bring back learnings to bangladesh girls jobs and wherever esle leadership of the world's largest ngo reaches

another thing that upsets sir fazle abed is seeing how many brac girls go into the garment industry only to be killed by factory collapsing on thousand of them - this will only ever change if both china and bangaldesh decide together to be more responsible for how fashion/clothes are produced- now every fashionable lady Home  can help too by demanding the corporates in this value chain change their brand leaders  

yuxuan - i want to make sure we have not missed anything that could help you where your diary may intersect with brac

pan-africa youth summit out of liberia 29 november
as i think you know liberia is a brac friended country - sponsored largely by george soros

2015 report not out yet- i realise that will be startling due to ebola
anuyhow this is the 2014 report 
this is the 2012 report BRAC Liberia Annual ReportDownload [PDF - 10.5 MB]
tell us if you need more contacts inside brac on liberia

being wrong age color gender : i  would find african diaspora groups in washington dc hard to navigate without amy's friend frances - so if you have messages of liberia summit please share with her

as you know wise's first laureate was sir fazle abed ;'leading to this year of reserach WISE Book: Learning a Living - how do we make sure that all of tsingua that could know about wise coming to beijing on nov 5

thanks chris  
(still to be filled up  with one minute girls futures jobs best news viral videos  )

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