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Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Amyworld of Scaling hi-Trust Youth Webs since June 2015

Amy was the first chinese student to demand her friends took 2013 Jim Kim's MOOC models on POP seriously and joyfully -see kimuniversity , popgrowth and

In June 2015 her first trip abroad - the 20th child art olympiads convened on the elipse outside the white house. Amy's first idea for scaling is peer to peer language learning - the 4 main languages all global youth value most being mother tongue, english , chinese, coding

why do global youth need this
makes studying abroad much more socially connected

necessary to help with trade between china, USA or indeed any two counties- why wouldnt hyoer-connecetd youth take over celebrating trade between the greenest or most sustainable busiensses as a way of uniting huimanity around sustainability goals

search out whether your country has thousands of people .linking in to share their trading experiences with china - eg what the Brits are connecting

co-create worldwide cable tv channel on world record job creation

join under 25's hub of brillaint hosting of open space and hackathons

famous examples of peer to peer scaling

10000 girl australia - a movement where young laduies coach iecah other in financial literacy

the nearly free university started by Taddy Blecher in 1999 - heavily based on peer to peer and job-creating currci=ula for the most disadantaged stidents- today iof has opver 15000 thriving alumni and their biggest project is helping 7th grade teachers create 1 million young jobs by 2020 (7th grade being the mlodal age of exit from schooling in s. africa)

bangladesh - the 150 million person nation built by poorest vilage mothers - netwioked around peer to peer training and POP - study BRAC with amy the world's largest and most collaborative ngo to see how

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