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Monday, June 20, 2016

help us list top 400 webs of development and education that value youth - in the sense of creating jobs and action networking sustaonability gopals

its quite shocking reflection of 2016 that finding webs of education and development valuing youth is so hard - anyhow after this 3 day summit at the world bank we thought we'd take on the task -starting with whom turned up - by all means text or email us  or text 240 316 8157 ---your vote

top 400

1 and at year 45- bangladesh is the nation develkoped by the worlds poorest village mothers so that their youth could shine way beyond the poverty line- today brac is the parter of choice in develoing goirls jobs the world over - see its action silutions classifued by sustainability goals

2 the sponsors of GlobalYouth in Development at world bank
3 the summit at the world bank

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