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Monday, June 13, 2016


so wonderful meeting you at the world banks global partnership in of youth in development- if the other first 100 partners are anything like you this will move the world; i was amazed it wasnt until jim kim appeared in dc in 2012 that youth had any chnace of a career at the world bank- literally there was not one job offer until you were over 35 with strange arrangements that you could intern but then had to prove your experience elsewhere- until kim came along the inconveneient truth is that washingtion dc excluded youth from development in spite of many famous headquartered associations and universities claiming the opposite- so young people need to seize this chance to help change DC from being one of the most anti-youth caopitals on the planet -any error in reporting is mine alone

- everywhere needs your Green Brunei kind of model to inspire young people to know the right ways to demand green- in most countries i work in, university staff do not directly help students with the sort of social movement under 30s need to unite around green

thursday will be the first day i get some time to look at your web and think;

 chinese amy is my main adviser from youths viewpoint- she has an energy when she finds a movement thayt all young people need to happily find in themselves ;so we also need her to have time to think who we can find as collaborators- she works quite closely with the founder of who lives in DC region;  amy's mentor for global communications challenges is john caswell ; he probably already has a lot of green storied network friends; in new york john kiehl who runs briadway's movie studio soundtrackny is tireless in investigating who in the UN wants youth and all 3 generations now responsible for whether humanity has a future to linkin what

mostofa who works out of dubai and bangladesh is the young person oi have been working with the longest -he will soon be annoucing a youth competitition in which dubai wants there to be 100 winners at about the 15000 dollar funding level as part of a 4 year program building the most futurist expo youth have ever helped create; amy will be in dubai next week to understand global youth partner links and foirtunatley another of her london media experts ian ryder will be helping them cross-examine what youth can do next

 mostofa and I both know the founder of Ashden Awards, sustainable and renewable energy in the UK and developing world in london which connects with britiish broadcasting corporation journalists, the royal geographical society, prince charles action networks and the british council

the third of the founding youth of  is maurice who is youth ambassador to the vatican university's annual celebration of inter-generational community builders International Giuseppe Sciacca Award ; rome is also home to the leadership office where both nobel peace summits are operated and the green club of rome resides and UN food security networks in charge of goal 2 end hunger linkin; 

Frances connects much of youth africa's energy around DC and back to her home nation nigeria and girls education there

Naila is a mentor and great leader of around the world knows what the turner (CNN) founding family want youth to do with and believe about green in time fors sustainability . MIng helps yout connect conscious networks with capital chapters - amy and he are building a sort of lined in for youth - you canb register at and classify yourself as a youthallstar

Khairunnisa how long are you staying  in DC region? I dont know if there is a chnace to have a tea or coffee meetup with you and some of the other young vistors who are making this unlike anything the world bank has seen before; if you have mt people who would be happy to be added to this circulation please do so- maybe we can write up one combined newsletter of who wants to action what next; amy do you have time to host a dupont circle youth after conference debriefing 

all the best chris macrae

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