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Thursday, June 16, 2016

The Era of Youth - charter by amy and john caswell

Valuing youth - POP and YID maps
we met at your wonderful world bank summit- i am the crazy old man who suggested monthly action newsletter - ie send everyone an email invitation to submit by 30th of month latest action collaboration - edit out pr or non-youth valuing stuff and send back combined news letter to everyone (permitting unsubcription of the few noit interested in the woverall community)

i understand wikis and webs provide other ways but using your permission of getting to everyone once a month is in my experience much more back from future interactive

i am also trying to get young chinese women to celebrate a late 80th birthday wish party with sir fazle abed of and at end of july - 2 of these young ladies (includiung amy- chen qian who was at your event) happily attended sir fazle's actual 80th; of course i would love any youth valuing culture to join in - but i have little resources; hence mu focus exploring brac action learning nets as the greatest Prefenetial Option Poor Partnership lab connecting the half of under 30s who live on 1% of planet within 3000 miles of beijing-

my father Norman Macrae was crazy enough to launch Entrepreneurial Revolution 25 december 1976 The Economist - would the next 40 years system designs openly link youth to 3 billion new jobs - billion renew planet, billion renew family community end poverty through open learning, billion mobilising super apps leapfrogging missinhg infrastructures and going way beyond zero-sum currencies and global PR brands- so i guess my back from the future while urgent and not by itself practical

-however 3 generations will win or lose sustainability of our species and the under 30s now carry the burden of doing most of the work. That 2012--13 Jim Kim and Pope Francis clarified wonderfully in my opinion -apart from POP youth professionals in health - are there other POP  youth practice networks known around the world bank and linking in YID?

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